Glacier National Park in the New York Times

By Beacon Staff

When I peruse the New York Times‘ website, I typically hit the travel section to fuel my adventurous aspirations.

Imagine my surprise when I wandered over to the Times’ site today and the travel feature deals with one of Montana’s favorite adventure zones: Glacier National Park.

As noted in last year’s Times’ column from Gail Collins and David Brooks, it’s a bit of a theme for some East Coast urbanites head out to our neck of the woods for a bit of the summer and then write about how interesting and beautiful Montana is and how the people who live here tend to think about things a little differently than those in big cities.

Stephen P. Nash’s recent coverage of the park, titled “Twilight of the Glaciers,” is more of a direct travel article and takes the author on the trail in search of the park’s namesakes. He uses the term “last-chance tourism” when referring to visiting the glaciers, which researchers in the piece predict will be melted as early as 2020.

Other than the serious topic of climate change, it’s a fun look at the park and its amenities, and also offers glimpses of nearby places to stay, places to eat (he puts a lot of emphasis on huckleberry culture up here) and general advice for tourists.

The piece comes with a travel guide and a picture slideshow, which will likely pull at the imaginations of many people across the country. As Myers Reece noted in a recent article, Montana’s tourism office is working hard to grab the attention of tourists across the country; an article like Nash’s could only help with that goal.

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