Jesus of Historical Importance

By Beacon Staff

Jesus of Nazareth is recognized worldwide among scholars, historians, archaeologists, even Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. His existence is indisputable, even by Dan Brown. So, one might ask, “What ‘religious law’ is established by a statue of this historical man resting on public property?”

What about the memory of this man needs so desperately to be erased? If some choose to honor him, why do others feel the need to iconoclast his monuments? Would we so easily to Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, or Dr. King? Likewise displaying a nativity scene. Did the birth of Jesus never happen? Is its remembrance too audacious?

Make no mistake – we see history repeating, but not with nails and wood. Through financial barring, petitioning, lobbying and philosophical bullying, the Ebeneezer-esque, Anti-Christmas spirit appears. Tearing down an image symbolically destroys its representation – a living person, his or her ideas and ambition, just like Hussein’s was removed for his. The Nazarene represents fundamental ideas of ethics – forgiveness and compassion. People honor what they want to emulate. The Pharisees despised Jesus, but he retorted, “…for which of these good works are you going to stone me?” No less for those wanting to “be free from” him today. From which do you so passionately want to be “free?”:

“As the Father loves me, so have I loved you.”

“Care about your neighbor like you care about yourself.”

“Don’t worry about tomorrow.”

Who wouldn’t want society emulating such notions or honoring such ideology? Especially in such a time as this.

His ideas consistently revive from decimation. May the spirit of Christmas disseminate and be poured out on everyone – of peace, spiritual FREEDOM, loving kindness, hope, forgiveness and generosity. Happy holy-days!

Brian Friess