Proud to be in the ‘Dawg House’


I don’t mind saying that we’re in the “Dawg House.” Our family was transferred from Texas to the Flathead Valley last June. Prior to our move, I spent a week here driving the valley wondering where we were going to settle. My husband works on Reserve in Kalispell, leaving north Kalispell and Whitefish our options. I decided to let the choice in high schools be my deciding factor. I went to Glacier High School and was shown the campus by a student who did a great job. I was only somewhat impressed with the school. We came from a school district that boasted state-of-the-art facilities. My bar was set pretty high.

The following day I went to Whitefish High. Wow, anything I had ever seen that looked like the high school was torn down. I prayed that what I was to find on the inside betrayed what the outside revealed. Was it the beautiful entry/cafeteria that betrayed its façade? No, it was the people, the front office staff, the student guide and the athletic director.

Clearly, Whitefish was our home. I am not an analytical person; I married an engineer for that. I go by feel. And, despite the low ceilings, the poor lighting, and the out-of-date everything, the “Dawg House” was where our six children were to attend. I can’t help but think how amazing that new school is going to be when you combine the fabulous teachers, the hospitable office staff and the excellent coaches with a school building that exceeds every academic, technological and physical need of our students and athletes.

The word “unbeatable” comes to mind.

Catherine Owens