Support Whitefish’s High School, Leaders of Tomorrow


As an American, I believe in America. If you pay attention to the reality of what is happening on a worldwide scale, you will see that many of our American young people are being pushed out by foreign entities. As a nation we have failed to see the importance of staying on the cutting edge in education. There are many out there working hard to change the tide and the way to do that is by bringing in innovative programs and offer teaching and learning strategies that prepare our children for their future and the future of this nation. With an outdated building that fails to allow those programs and strategies to be put in place, we fail them.

I am amazed at the challenges that our young people have to face in such a diverse and technological global economy. It is really hard to comprehend when you graduated from high school in the 50s or 60s. We cannot fully comprehend what they have to learn and how things are changing and evolving at such lightning speed.

As former owner of a number of successful businesses, one of the tenets I have always subscribed to is: “You have to spend money to make money.” This holds true right now for Whitefish. If we want this community to thrive, we need to take care of our young people and not send them out from our little town in Northwest Montana ill equipped to compete with kids that have graduated from bigger schools in bigger districts. Let’s look at the big picture. These kids are the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s be their champions of today.

Rick Kratz