Support Collective Bargaining

By Beacon Staff

Nationally and locally collective bargaining is being attacked. For several years organized labor groups have been quietly dismantled, internally and externally. Recently state legislators have waged war on organized labor across this nation. The American Dream is becoming out of reach when organized labor and collective bargaining can no longer have a voice for the American worker.

Locally, concerned citizens are making a stand to support collective bargaining rights at the Kalispell Albertsons grocery store on Highway 2 West. History tells us collective bargaining has a positive presence in a community. Living standards are higher and the entire economy benefits.

It is common knowledge when collective bargaining is included in the workplace environment, it supports human dignity, liberty and autonomy. Collective bargaining in the workplace allows workers to have input on a major aspect of their life. It allows for workplace democracy and ensures the rule of law in the workplace. Historically, we know the American economy is healthiest and more stable when employers and employees work together to support each other.

When employers embrace their employees as members of a family, collective bargaining is not a threat. Discussions and negotiations can benefit everyone. It’s about working in a safe place, having affordable health care, working for a livable wage, having reasonable work hours and having a comfortable retirement. Collective bargaining is the American way and is the foundation of the American Dream!

Concerned citizens in the Flathead Valley support the collective bargaining rights of the employees. The community, as a whole, benefits.

JoLynn Yenne

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