Powershift Conference Promoted Positive Change

By Beacon Staff

I am the President of the Network of Environmentally Consicous Organizations and I am writing on behalf of our organization. We were a key sponsor of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Powershift Conference. At Montana State University, we work to promote sustainable living on campus including responsible use of natural resources, community development and fiscal responsibility.

Natural resource development is critical to the Montana economy, however it must be done responsibility and with awareness to budding innovations that can provide Montana with jobs and energy. The university space is for creating an environment conducive to technological and societal progress. We are so thankful to have university presidents at the flagship institutions in Montana who support that.

Many of our members, including myself, attended the Powershift Conference at University of Montana a few weeks ago and feel compelled to answer to the recent adverse response (March 7 Beacon: “Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda”). Educational and motivational, Powershift provide our delegates with the tools to catalyze positive change in the world. The organizers, keynotes, and workshop panels promoted civic engagement, analysis of current practices and systems within our power grid, and effective grassroots organizing in a way that encouraged progressive thinking and innovation.

As a species, humanity is facing dramatic environmental change, social movements, and economic distress. It is institutions like University of Montana and Montana State University that will create the new generation of leaders. These leaders will be passionate and proactive. These leaders will work from the ground up and seek to understand the needs of all. These leaders will look at problems holistically and ask for help when needed. These leaders will be us and Powershift was just one step on our journey to making the world more sustainable, ethical, and responsible.

Sam Atkins
President of NECO

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