The War on Women

By Beacon Staff

Women are an endangered species under Republican legislators and governors. We no longer have the right to control our own bodies. We cannot decide for ourselves whether to limit the size of our families through contraception. We are having obstacles put in our way when we want to terminate a pregnancy because of rape or incest. It is harder to be screened for cervical cancer, have a mammogram or any other type of cautionary test. This is truly a “war on women.”

I do not understand the outdated, misogynist thinking of Republican “leaders” who are trying to force women back to the dark ages of back alley abortions; to the idea of women as chattel or property of a husband. Where are the Republican women’s voices? Do they just go along with the men on this issue? Do they not think for themselves?

Ladies, stand up and be counted. It is time, yea past time, to “wage our own war” against those who think they can legislate medical issues that belong between a woman and her doctor. It is your life, your body, your very essential right as a human being.

Call out the misguided “personhood” advocates. We are alive, productive, capable humans who can think for ourselves and don’t need to be controlled by men and their legislative agendas. What if the tables were turned and men were mandated to have vasectomies to prevent pregnancy. What if Viagra were outlawed? Why is the government lurking in the bedroom?

The Virginia Legislature passed and the governor signed a bill that allows doctors to counsel a pregnant woman considering abortion to undergo an ultrasound test. There was a more invasive vaginal probe in the original bill, but it was reworked. This after a doctor described the process in detail to the men in the Legislature. It is a terrible law and an indignity forced on women. This is big government that the Republicans and Tea Party are so against.

A hearing on the birth control issue was paneled by all men. Not one woman was asked to be on the panel.

There are many good men who value their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters and who are appalled by these restrictions to human dignity. They need to join voices with their women to counteract these assaults on women’s rights and human rights.

Margie Gignac

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