Canadian Caribou Healthy and Back in the Wild

By Beacon Staff

The caribou that was rescued in Montana last week has recovered and been released into the wild this past weekend, according to British Columbia wildlife officials.

Montana FWP biologists rescued the female caribou in upper Pinkham Creek after finding the injured animal succumbed to apparent tick paralysis. The caribou was transferred to British Columbia wildlife staff for holding until it recovered. This past weekend, the caribou could walk again and appeared healthy. The caribou was returned to the Purcell Mountain high country, FWP said.

“They were able to release her on a ridge just above 10 resident caribou” said Jim Williams, FWP Region 1 wildlife program manager. “When they lifted off she was observed walking in their direction.”

Wildlife managers are hoping the caribou will survive and add to the gene pool of the resident population in the Cranbrook, B.C. area.

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