Exploiting Women for Political Gain

By Beacon Staff

The rhetoric and misinformation produced by the Democrats to fool the public in their expanding efforts to divide our society and win votes through class warfare, racial dissension, and now its war against women are appalling!

The latest falsehood is that Republicans are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act. Passed in 1994 with bipartisan support, this act provides funding to fight domestic violence and sexual assault, and increases criminal penalties against perpetrators of these crimes. In 2000 and 2005, the bill was reauthorized with unanimous bipartisan Senate support.

In their effort to win the women’s vote, the Democrats are attempting to ram through unreasonable expansions to the bill that will add to the deficit, which is already out of control. Because the Republicans are dedicated to decreasing the deficit, Democrats are spreading the false accusation that Republicans do not support reauthorization of the bill. As in the past, Republicans do support reauthorization and are working toward that end. It is disgusting that Democrats would exploit women who are victims of domestic violence for political gain.

Voters need to remember that the Democrats controlled the Congress the last two years of the Bush administration and the first two years of the Obama reign and still control the Senate. Be thankful that the House Republicans have held firm in trying to reverse the disastrous direction that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid leadership has taken us.

Don’t be fooled by misleading rhetoric. Seek the truth and be an informed voter!

Mimi Milheim

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