When Has Government Outlived its Usefulness?

By Beacon Staff

At what point is government, any government, no longer necessary and outlived its usefulness? At what point does it go beyond constructive and become destructive? At what point does the average human being finally say, “I will no longer accept corrupted control over my life”? When does the moment arrive when we wrest back control and put integrity back on the game board?

I didn’t study political science in school. I studied what I thought were practical things like basic math, geometry, history, art and our version of the English language – how to communicate honestly. I left psychology and philosophy and political science alone because they were more about manipulating people than honestly working and interacting with them. Too bad for me because it seems that our world is run by these three mind- and emotional-controlled elements than practical interface.

I attend the Polson City Council meetings because I suspect that “so goes Polson, so goes the county,” eventually, and I want prior warning of impending doom or the opportunity to nip it in the bud if I deem it evil enough. Most of these twice-a-month Monday night meetings are very scant in Polson resident attendance. I guess the residents of Polson aren’t too concerned about how they are fleeced, nor the direction that the control over their life veers. Two Monday evenings a month at 1.5 hours each. Is Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune really that important that the people of Polson can’t tear themselves away for a total of three hours a month? Folks, the show that your city council puts on during these three short hours, makes almost anything on TV seem boring and dull.

The Polson Port Players could recreate any one of these evening meetings for a month and draw a bigger audience than a year’s worth of city council meetings. You just don’t know what you’re missing. Shoot, just last week, your mayor shut the meeting down without even bothering to ask if there was any further “public input” during the final agenda item, “PUBLIC COMMENT ON SIGNIFICANT MATTERS TO THE PUBLIC” and left residents who had taken the time to attend the meeting with something to contribute, high and dry and stunned. It was quite a show of unbridled gall and lack of proper meeting decorum, and you missed it.

Michael Gale