Facing ‘End of America,’ Molen Calls for Vote Against Obama

By Beacon Staff

At a jam-packed Glacier Country Pachyderm Club meeting, Oscar-winning Hollywood film producer Gerald “Jerry” Molen delivered a doomsday vision of the United States’ future if President Barack Obama is reelected, with references to socialism and the “end of America.”

Molen spoke to a roomful of Republicans – including a number of Flathead legislators and candidates – at Kalispell’s Red Lion Hotel on June 29, advising the crowd to coalesce around Mitt Romney because staying home on election day or voting for a third party would constitute “a vote for Obama.”

“This will be the vote – the election – heard around the world,” Molen said. “It will be heard for many generations.”

Molen, who was born in Great Falls and lives in Bigfork, has been a producer for a number of well-known films, including Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Minority Report, Rain Man and others. He recently made national headlines after he was scheduled to speak at Ronan High School but was turned away by the principal at the last minute.

The principal said he had fielded phone calls from parents concerned about the subject matter of Molen’s speech. Molen, who is known for his conservative views, said he had no plans to make a political speech.

Molen opened his speech at the Glacier Pachyderm Club meeting with a joke about the Ronan incident.

“I have to admit, the first thing I did today was ask if I was still on,” he said, greeted by raucous laughter and clapping.

Molen promoted his upcoming film, a documentary called “2016” that speculates what the nation will look like by that year if Obama is reelected. He said the film will have a showing in Houston on July 13 and then will open to a wider audience on July 29. The movie is based upon a Dinesh D’Souza book called “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

Obama’s presidency, Molen said, is drawing the “blueprint for the end of America.” He said he was careful to present the film through Obama’s words and avoid any misstatements or inaccuracies, citing an “unfriendly media” who are “ready to cut off our legs at any point.”

Molen said Obama’s methods are to “rule” as opposed to “govern.” The president, he said, is trying to turn the United States into a socialist country.

“We have to be wary, on guard, watching,” he said.

As a cautionary note, Molen described how European Jews failed to fully grasp the extent of the Nazis’ aggression until it was too late.

“They were asleep to the horrors around them,” he said.

At one point, a crowd member raised his hand and stood up to declare: “Jerry, thank you for being a great American.” He received loud applause.

While Molen mostly discussed Obama, he also mentioned what he views as the threats of Montana’s two Democratic senators, Jon Tester and Max Baucus.

“We need a concerted effort to stop Jon Tester and in a couple of years to stop Baucus,” he said. “We need to stop both of those guys. We need to get ticked off enough to get our blood to boil.”