What I Want in Montana’s Next Governor

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

I want Montana’s next governor to energetically, vigorously, even ruthlessly, defend the sovereignty of the state of Montana from the ever-increasing encroachment by the federal Government. From Obamacare to the Environmental Protection Agency to the Endangered Species Act, the Federal Government itself has been the biggest obstacle to Montana’s prosperity, welfare and economic development. The Obama administration and Congress under Democratic leadership has taken valuable assets (taxes) away from Montana, erected huge roadblocks to economic development, issued onerous administrative regulations that hamper businesses unnecessarily, and established an unstable climate that stimulates fear rather than confidence. Our next governor could and should be active in resisting those intrusions.

I want Montana’s next governor to use the executive powers of his office to streamline the regulatory climate of Montana so that the people who transform the God-given resources of our great state into goods and services (i.e. businesses) can thrive and consequently provide the jobs, prosperity and wealth that benefit us all.

The services of government cost money. Whether it is police, defense, environmental protection or schools, those services can only be provided by a prosperous state and nation. Prosperity first, then protection is possible.

By Joe Carbonari

Prosperity first, huh? Sounds great … and you make it sound so easy. Get government off our backs. We don’t need any regulation. Let the good times roll … and the big-rigs, too? Ah, the survival of the fittest. John, I suspect you’re trying to get my blood pressure up, but do you remember our last Legislature? Be careful what you ask for, lest you get more than you can handle.

What I want in a governor is someone who is really good at listening but not afraid to lead. Often that means telling people, sometimes even your friends, things that they really don’t want to hear. It also requires the resolve to actively seek out and listen to opinions that you may not want to have to deal with.

We live in uncertain times. I would like a leader who can take a complex issue and put it in terms that the average person can understand, weigh the likely pluses and minuses, and then make a truly reasoned decision – not just one from a bumper sticker.

Finally, I don’t want a governor who wins by just listening to his supporters, reading some polls, and then playing to his crowd. Winning and governing are two different things. I want a governor who understands that, and can do both, don’t you?

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