A Critical Choice

By Beacon Staff

Choosing a president is not a personality contest. The ability to mesmerize voters with eloquent oratory catering to special interest groups is not the criterion for leading our nation. Many examples could be given of the following points if space permitted.

President Barack Obama’s administration has eroded our free enterprise system to the extent that financial recovery would be impossible with four more years of reckless spending, soaring debt, and crippling regulations on our lives and businesses. Romney and Ryan have the ability and experience to start reversing the abuses of big government and the 16 trillion dollar national debt.

This administration has destroyed the balance of power by circumventing Congress through hundreds of executive orders. The Democrats accuse the Republicans in Congress of “blocking” necessary legislation. The Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed hundreds of bills that Senate Majority Harry Reid has locked up in the Senate, or that the Democratic-controlled Senate refuses to pass. Republican-vetoed senate bills are those attempting to curb actions detrimental to our republic.

What are the more than 30 Obama appointed czars doing? Many have Marxist leanings and their actions are not visible. Shockingly, members of Congress cannot find out how much this network is costing the taxpayers! This is another example of the lack of transparency in this administration.

Attorney General Holder’s abuses of power are unmerciful. Suing those states requiring voter ID is but one example. Is ACORN-style voter fraud the only way this administration can retain power? The next president may have the opportunity to appoint four Supreme Court justices. No president of either party should appoint as many as six of the nine justices!

We have just finished reading “Hitlerland” by Andrew Nagorski. There are many chilling similarities between the current administration and Hitler’s rise to power through oratory that blinded his followers and took advantage of economic instability. Please take time to read “The Amateur” by Edward Klein and see the Jerry Molen/Dinesh D’Souza film, “2016” before you cast your vote. As of this week, “2016” has become the second most successful documentary movie ever made.

Mimi and Irv Milheim