What’s at Stake This Election

By Beacon Staff

Have you considered: There are four U.S. Supreme Court justices who are in their mid-70s. In the next four years all four would reach age 80 and one would be 83. Presidents appoint Supreme Court judges so any judges appointed will either be conservative or very liberal.

A President Mitt Romney would follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and would appoint judges who would follow the Constitution. The values and principles that have been the foundation of America would be supported for another four years.

A President Barack Obama would appoint very liberal judges who would support the dissolution and replacement of the Constitution according to his agenda. America would become a socialist country, and there would go your rights to: Free speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble peaceably and petition the government. Choosing and living by your religion. Owning guns and ammunition. Safety and security. Protection from illegal search and seizure. Right to a fair trial and justice. Federal government confined to powers stated in the Constitution. The rest of the powers to be held by the states and individuals.

Without the Constitution we would no longer have a government of checks and balances with equal power among the Congress (to make the laws), the Supreme Court to interpret the law (not become a lawmaker) and the president who bears the responsibility to enforce the Constitution and the laws. That balance is already out of balance and under Obama in the next four years, would be gone, leaving open the possibility of dictatorship.

To quote Mr. Thomas Bahnson, who is from a long line of politicians, as he was quoted in the Gartman Letter of September 19, 2012: “In my humble opinion, Romney told the truth about the 47 percent of the population that pays no income tax and relies on government assistance. You know it, most all intelligent people know it. Even the 47 percent knows it, but many of them see no reason for change.” His advice to the GOP: “Double down on your efforts to make this case and don’t apologize. We need the debate about what country we want to be, win or lose.”

That is the consideration. Do we want a country that abides by the Constitution, or a socialist country with nothing to guarantee our rights?

It’s the people’s vote that will determine America’s future. Consider the options carefully. Be wise. Vote!

Ginny Reed

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