LETTER: Tester Supports Veterans

By Beacon Staff

While in the House, Congressman Denny Rehberg has voted for every budget busting tax cut for his fellow millionaires that comes before him and to involve us in unneeded wars. And yet he then votes for budgets that strip funding for veterans and first responders’ healthcare. When I was seeking help with the VA I called Denny’s office and, after being unable to find anyone to help me there following my second call, his secretary suggested I call Sen. Jon Tester’s office because he was “in that, like, Army Committee or something” (I think she meant the Senate Armed Services Committee). Thank goodness I followed her advice. First David and then Siobhan, his two aides, went over and above the call of duty to resolve my problem and got me medical care that saved my life. They stuck by me for over two years and two surgeries and Jon and his office deserve the greatest praise I think anyone can receive. They truly care about their constituents. Please vote for Tester and make sure veterans get treated like heroes and not “the homeless problem.” If we can afford the war, we can afford the veterans. Also, House Bill 423 made it impossible for me to use medical cannabis legally, in spite of those two back surgeries. Vote against IR-124 and tell them to make common sense regulations. Thank you.

Bob Petersen