LETTER: Nation at a Tipping Point

By Beacon Staff

As I feared and as this election validates, the tipping point in our nation has been reached and exceeded. Those in favor of big government now outnumber those in favor of limited government. Once this point is reached, if history is any guide, there is no going back. The role of government in every aspect of our lives will now only escalate. With the doors to full blown socialism now wide open, there will be a rapid decline in innovation, risk taking and investment in the private sector. Those not on the receiving end of government subsidies, contracts or special favors will look to other countries for investment opportunities. Our economy will stagnate as it has in every country that has ever tried socialism. Rather than have their wealth confiscated, the rich will move to countries with less oppressive taxes. With reward based on need, there will be no incentive to excel and productivity will plummet. Even with higher taxes, government revenue will decline and entitlements will be drastically cut. Eventually our country will resemble North Korea, Cuba or any country that has ever tried central planning as the driver of their economy.

This has all happened time and again in history, but unfortunately, the people still believe in a free lunch and are therefore destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Many leaders in government and in our institutions believe deficit spending is a legitimate tool for spurring the economy and this belief will propel the nation’s debt even higher than it already is. The enormous debt will result in our decline into insolvency at a very rapid rate-exceeding all precedent. I believe the rapidity of the fall will even surprise the global elites that have been planning our demise for many years. The resulting chaos may even overwhelm these planners scheme to establish a world oligarchy.

Out of the ashes of world chaos and the anarchy that may ensure, it is possible (perhaps even likely) that a few freedom loving patriots will once again join together and hammer out a plan for a government of, by and for the people. The Constitution of the United States of America is without question the best document ever devised for the governance of a people. For as long as its principles were followed, our nation prospered like no other in history. It is evident, however, it contains insufficient safeguards against the devious schemes of those who would revise it.

Bill Payne

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