UK Newspaper Turns Its Attention To Disappearing Glaciers

By Beacon Staff

The disappearing glaciers in Glacier National Park are the subject of a feature in the Daily Mail, a newspaper in the United Kingdom. The newspaper published a story detailing “how global warming has taken its toll on America’s wilderness.”

The article compares several historical photos with modern ones, depicting a startling change in the Crown of the Continent.

Here’s an excerpt:

These photographs capture the retreat of glaciers in one of America’s most beautiful national parks. After 100 years of climate change, only 25 out of the 150 glaciers recorded at the Glacier National Park in Montana still exist. As these pictures show, places where the ice was once many metres thick have been replaced with sediment, pastures and lakes.

In the article, Dr. Dan Fagre with the U.S. Geological Survey echoes statements made in recent years and predicts that the glaciers will completely disappear in the coming decades.

Daily Mail: The Glacier National Park may soon have to change its name

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