LETTER: Public Safety is a Two-Edged Sword


We’ve all heard the story of the unfortunate frog slowly boiled in a pot of water. It forgot to jump out. I guess you have to be French to enjoy that. Whenever principles are compromised, there can never be an end to its progressive elimination. In other words, few of us are for carrying semi-automatic military weapons to the supermarket, but relinquishing the freedom to own one opens the door for leaders to destroy every other form of freedom we possess, simply for the sake of public safety.

If you want total security, then give up responsibility to protect the Second Amendment of your Constitution. The Federal government will soon move into all aspects of life on the sole principle of public safety. Your church members will be financially evaluated, because all churches are subsidized by federal tax write-offs; your sex life will be inspected and regulated, to protect public health codes; your religion, and secret vote made accessible, to control political activism; your IRS records evaluated to decide whether you deserve free government services, like police or fire protection; and, last but not least, enforcing drug-distribution to children who no longer pay attention to boring teachers, who are not professionally trained to recognize mental illness. Most believe those recent mass-murders are caused by young people withdrawing from school-sponsored medications? All that for public safety?

What does this have to do with slowly boiling frogs, or the French, you might ask? The “Committee of Public Safety” was the official name given to the dictatorship propelling the French Revolution. It publicly executed thousands of French people on the guillotine in just a few short months.

Public safety is a two-edged sword – a very sharp one!

Mike Donohue