LETTER: Guarantee the Right to Vote

By Beacon Staff

As the work of the 63rd Legislative Assembly proceeds, I want our legislators to remember the dignity of our citizens and their right to vote in our elections. Registering to vote, at a convenient time, is showing that we as a state appreciate citizen participation in our elections. Our current system has honored our citizens in their desire to vote, allowing “same day registration.” The goal of every candidate and issue is to have support from as many eligible voters as possible.

Think about how mobile our population is now. Often a move to a new place puts voter registration at the bottom of the list to get things done. Think of how many young people reach their 18th birthday that last month before the election … whether it be the primary or the general election. Same day registration is not a burden for election officials. They are prepared to handle it. When someone cannot vote at the regular polling place, knowing that the head election office is there for them, guarantees that the voter rights in Montana are protected.

There is a movement to put more restrictions on voter registration and opportunity to vote, HB30. It is not the American Way. Montanans want our elected officials to guarantee the right to vote for all eligible voters in Montana. That means allowing them to participate, knowing that “same day registration is available. Please notify the elected representatives from Flathead County to stop HB30. They need to preserve the dignity and rights of Montana voters. They need to preserve “same day registration.”

JoLynn Yenne

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