LETTER: The Patient Centered Medical Home Legislation and SB 84

By Beacon Staff

Who could argue with healthcare that is patient centered? Let’s take the pretty words out and look at what it does and doesn’t do for Montana. To start, let us look at the part of the above title that has been tossed around awhile. Medical home concept, which was originally developed in the 1960s, refers to the provision of comprehensive primary care services that facilitates communication and shared decision-making between the patient, his/her primary care providers, other providers, and the patient‘s family. The PCMH concept was modified as a program in national health care reform legislation adding appointed bureaucrats. Not so pretty when it really boils down to the government involved in your healthcare decisions.

Want to know where we will see health team and collaboration requirements? Look up Section 3502 of the Affordable Care Act, the requirements for the creation of the care teams mentioned in the Act stipulate that the new entities ? incorporate health care providers, patients, caregivers, and authorized representatives (bureaucrats) in program design and oversight. More importantly, delivery and payment reforms, such as bundled payments and accountable care organizations, will require collaboration between hospitals, physician groups, and other providers, thereby making the PCMH model a logical step for health care providers in the evolving care delivery and payment structure. Do not be fooled into believing that this is about Patient care, it is about driving Montana into a Nationalized Healthcare plan driven and controlled by the federal government. The request of Senate Bill 84 to provide for an unelected and unaccountable board with rule-making authority over our elderly care and their healthcare choices is nothing more than state Democrats marching with national Democrats. Sounds like the auditor is refusing to listen to the 67 percent of Montanans who voted no on federal healthcare mandates (LR122).

Derek Skees

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