Author Pam Houston Named Guest Editor for Latest Whitefish Review

By Beacon Staff

The Whitefish Review is accepting art, literature and photography submissions for its 13th issue, titled The Lucky Issue.

Author Pam Houston will be the guest editor of the latest issue of the local literary journal, which will be published June 7.

“We are lucky to have Pam on board for this issue and look forward to seeing what we discover about luck,” says Brian Schott, founding editor of the journal. “We feel such great fortune to have been able to engage with hundreds of creative souls over the past dozen issues. I have a feeling some great surprises await us.”

Houston is the author of two collections of short stories, “Cowboys Are My Weakness” and “Waltzing the Cat” and the novel “Sight Hound,” as well as a collection of essays, called “A Little More About Me.” Her most recent book, “Contents May Have Shifted,” was published in 2012 by W.W. Norton. She is the director of creative writing at U.C. Davis.

“I think about luck a lot, because I have had more than my share of it,” says Houston. “If you add up the broken limbs and getting into crash position seven different times on commercial airliners, you might be tempted to say ‘bad luck.’ But anyone who has been in crash position on seven different airplanes and is here to tell about it can only be called ‘lucky.’ Luck is in the eye of the beholder. I am interested in the borderlines where luck and its close cousins: fate, faith, chance and magic, intersect.”

Whitefish Review is a nationally-acclaimed, non-profit journal publishing the distinctive literature, art, and photography of mountain culture. Author Jack Turner recently called it, “Writing and art at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the American West and beyond.”

Whitefish Review regularly features established and emerging authors and artists. It is published twice a year, in December and June. As a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation created for the public good, it is supported by generous donations, grants, and subscriptions.

The journal has featured interviews and the original work of distinguished authors like Tom Brokaw, John Irving, William Kittredge, and Terry Tempest Williams, while also discovering new promising writers. Author Rick Bass served as the guest editor for issue #12, “Beneath the Surface.”

Submissions are accepted via online submission through March 15. There is no fee to submit. For full guidelines, please visit the web site.

A new book review section has recently been added to the website, edited by Todd and Sara Ream. Editors are also beginning to select their favorite pieces from the first six years of the journal to create an archive of previously published pieces available online for the first time.

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