Flathead County’s Spring Open Burning Season Begins March 1

By Beacon Staff

Spring open burning season in Flathead County is open March 1 – April 30.

Burners must call the Ventilation Hotline daily at 751-8144 or visit the website for restrictions before burning. The hotline and website are updated daily before 8:30 a.m. and weekend information will be available on the hotline by 5 p.m. Fridays.

Here are a few reminders from the Flathead County Health Department:

— Prohibited materials include, but are not limited to, all manmade materials, treated materials, wood, and wood by-product trade wastes produced by any business, trade, industry, or demolition project.
— Construction debris is considered a trade waste.
— Campfires and warming fires (when deemed necessary determined by weather conditions) are restricted to fires less than four feet in diameter. These fires should consist of materials less than 3 inches in diameter.
— Burn only clean, dry materials. Do not let poorly burning fires smolder.
— The Flathead County Landfill offers an alternative to burning, free to homeowners within the county.
— Leaves and grass clippings create excessive smoke and do not burn well. Composting or landfilling these items is recommended.
— Keep burn piles away from other combustible materials and fire extinguishing equipment nearby at all times.
— Never allow piles to become larger than manageable. Weather conditions may change quickly.
— In the Whitefish area, a permit is required from the Whitefish Fire Department.
— Burning is prohibited within the Kalispell and Columbia Falls city limits.

Important Dates to Remember
Dec. 1 – Feb. 29: No open burning
March 1 – April 30: Open burning. No burning permit required. Air Quality compliance required.
May 1 – June 30: Burning permit required from DNRC. Air Quality compliance required.
July 1 – Aug. 31: No burning in Flathead County and some Lake County RFD’s.
Sept. 1 – Nov. 30: Open burning. No burning permit required. Air Quality compliance required. September is typically closed due to fire danger.

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