LETTER: Time for a New Senior Center

By Beacon Staff

I cannot understand why some of the commissioners are procrastinating on getting the new building for the senior meals and programs going as soon as possible. I had my own business for over 50 years and the time to get prices and bids for a project was usually best when the economy was slow because contractors and suppliers are more likely to keep their prices and bids lower to get the job. I also don’t like to rent unless it is for a short period of time because at the end of the rental you only have a bunch of rent receipts and no building or product for the money spent.

I went to a senior center in a larger city for over a year that had a much larger facility than the one in Whitefish. This center had its lunches prepared and delivered by a private company. The quality of the meals was not anywhere comparable to the ones that are made for us here. I was paying more for the poorer quality lunches at the other senior center.

Another thing I found out after I was there for a few weeks was that some of the people that were eating there were bringing their own lunches because they didn’t like the lunches at the senior center. I say get the building going as soon as possible for the good of everyone.

Bruce F. Cook

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