Expanding Medicaid

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

The Cyprus government recently confiscated 40 percent of people’s savings by fiat. Could such theft of the people’s wealth ever be done here?

Yes and no.

We have constitutional and judicial protections from such blatant theft.

However, the government stealing your money can be done in other ways. One of those ways would be for Montana to expand Medicaid under the guise of implementing Obamacare savings.

Medicaid expansion represents a massive increase in federal and state spending. Those who claim that the states will save money are foolish when they ignore the reality of decreased federal contributions in three years.

Medicaid expansion for states will result in a rapid increase in state spending beginning in 2017, quickly surpassing any modest savings in payments to providers for uncompensated care.

On net, the expansion would cost Montana taxpayers an additional $138 million in just five years (Heritage Foundation).

Only 10 states will see a saving in Medicaid spending. It is no accident that those states voted overwhelming for Obama in 2008 and 2012 (New York saving the most).

The other 40 states are going to foot the bill. This is theft of another nature, while sanctimonious liberals claim that Cyprus can’t happen here.

By Joe Carbonari

Montana, we have a problem.

Our citizen Legislature, the one that we voted in, is about to say to roughly 70,000 citizens that they will have to continue to go without health insurance for at least the next couple of years, largely because a bunch of legislators are boxed in and can’t find a way to save face, change their minds, and do the right thing.

The Medicaid expansion that they are about to kick down the road would improve the duration and quality of life of tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

It would bring millions directly into our economy, and it is estimated to represent approximately 13,000 additional jobs, paid 100 percent for the first three years with monies that will otherwise go to other Americans in other places.

Yes, we will have to pay a portion of the increased costs after the first three years, estimated at about 7 percent.

And yes, it is possible that through conscious, partisan design federal funds might dry up – the “starve-the-beast” approach. But it is highly unlikely.

I am an optimist. I think that rationality will prevail. If not, I guess it would just have to be more of, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got mine. Too bad for you.”

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