LETTER: Benghazi Matters

By Beacon Staff

The article headlined “Does Benghazi Matter?” (May 22 Beacon) was most enlightening. I was especially intrigued by the opinions of Joe Carbonari.

He asked two questions: 1. Should a more vigorous military response have been ordered? And 2. Was a politically motivated cover-up attempted?

Carbonari’s observations of the Benghazi issue seem to be in agreement with most observers, except for the Pickering/Mullen investigative conclusion that determined a more aggressive military response would NOT have saved lives.

I say poppycock. How in the world could anyone have known how long the attack would last and, thus, that a major attempt at saving lives might indeed have been the order of the day. Whoever gave the order to “stand down” must be identified. The families of the fallen deserve to know as well as the American people. That is being covered up. Why?

And to the issue of a political cover-up – there can be no doubt. Carbonari is correct in his statement that the event came at a critical juncture in the campaign.

The real sick part of this whole tragedy is that Americans died and maybe they didn’t have to, but the concern for votes very possibly overrode the responsibility of our leaders to do what was right. So the cover-up will go on, but because too many caring Americans are downright angry over the preposterous handling of the whole thing and the thought of a cover-up, the truth will eventually come out and the ill-served sycophants who all too often tend to fall on their own swords for political reasons will be held to account.

The time will come to move on, but not yet.

Jerry Molen

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