Political Party Discipline

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

The establishment of political parties was not an intended consequence in the creation of this Republic.

But parties were the predictable result of the struggle for ratification and implementation of the new Constitution.

Since that time, we have had a two-party system with a remarkable consistency of constituency. The Federalists-Whigs-Republicans have generally represented those who envisioned an America that needed commerce, business, trade and industry.

The Jeffersonian Republicans-Democrats have generally represented those who visualized an agrarian future and later those labeled as “disadvantaged.” Notice there is no mention of a philosophical orientation of liberal vs. conservative.

As the 20th century dawned, progressives infested with socialist-Marxist doctrine began to usurp the Democratic Party.

Over the past 100 years, believing that only enhanced government power could achieve their social agenda, Democrats have worked diligently to destroy the Christian-based Federalism of the Founders. Republicans have been on the defensive ever since.

When faced with destruction, unity is the only recourse. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Either we hang together or we will hang separately.” Conservative Republicans, in order to save Montana and America, must unite, instill discipline, and dismantle the Democratic Party’s tyrannical and socialist creations.

There is no room for “crossover coalitions,” RINOs or “bipartisanship.”

By Joe Carbonari

There are those who feel that party discipline is necessary for party labels to be meaningful to voters, especially to voters who might otherwise not be knowledgeable about a particular candidate’s positions or orientation.

There is some merit to this argument, especially on down-ballot slots many of us vote by party labels and platforms. We think we know what we’re going to get.

If, however, after being elected a candidate breaks ranks, we tend to become disillusioned with both politician and party. When a significant group of well-informed, responsible and otherwise loyal party members chooses to break ranks together, we should “why?”and then look at leadership.

It is neither easy nor pleasant for a member to oppose his own colleagues. It calls for self-examination and courage, and then a good explanation. Motives will be examined, character impugned.

But if leadership is seen to be bent on a self-destructive, unproductive path, it is the responsibility of both members and supporters to speak up and take action.

Many feel that this is the case within the Montana Republican Party. I am among them. I applaud those members who have stood up and spoken out.

They are serving themselves, their party and our state well. They deserve our thanks, and they deserve our support.

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