LETTER: Exposing Crime is Not Treason

By Beacon Staff

Every single American has had the National Security Agency interfere with their emails. One young man exposes this technological spying activity and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner rails “Treason!” How do you secretly oversee private correspondence then shout “treason” at someone who is exposing it?

History is replete with puppets like Boehner. He belongs to the lowest trash known to human freedom. He is a corporate puppet. He is the real threat to democracy, not that young man. Boehner is another benefactor, a proverbial prostitute to this military-industrial complex, where private firms are doing work for spy agencies now.

Voltaire warned of people like Boehner who torture free thinkers, while cloaked in a clerical garb. Human nature remains the same. No logic is involved with his accusations and Boehner continues to scream for us to doubt our senses and our common sense. He literally supports President Barack Obama’s crime. The so-called lesser of two evils, he’s part of the “loyal opposition.”

We are presently in a spy-state, headed quickly towards a police state. It’s only a matter of pulling the last trigger. This is their ridiculous argument: “…But it’s for your own good. Your own security. Oh, yes, I know it isn’t constitutional, but we just didn’t think you could understand!”

That’s contempt!

Well, excuse me, I’m heading out the door. I choose to live free, even if I have to go hungry, even if I have to die. Freedom is more valuable than being a well-fed dog at a cocktail party. Boehner and the Republican Establishment have added the last straw and are now tying a chain around our necks and calling it a ribbon.

Mike Donohue

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