LETTER: Obama’s Baffling Support

By Beacon Staff

When I examine the first five years of the Obama presidency, I see huge government outlays for food stamps; unemployment compensation; subsidies for crony corporations; bailouts for multinational banks; the creation of even more bureaucracies; a continued outpouring of foreign aid; and, finally, the introduction of his signature accomplishment: Obamacare. This final extravagance will make health care available to the poor, but will increase the cost for everyone else. In an effort to pay for all these goodies, Obama’s plan all along has been to raise federal taxes and, after much posturing, oratory and arm twisting, has managed to get his way.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has done nothing to bolster the economy and thereby create the revenue to pay for his socialist agenda. Instead of promoting viable projects like the Keystone Pipeline, which would substantially boost the nation’s economy and result in less dependence on foreign oil, he vetoes it. Instead of using his power to expedite desperately needed local projects like the Rock Creek and Montanore mines, his administration sides with the anti-resource development folks. The result is a moribund economy and a national debt that continues to grow alarmingly. At the present rate, this debt will have nearly doubled by the end of Obama’s second term.

When we add up all the action’s of this presidency: the bank bailouts; the subsidies; the “Fast and Furious” fiasco; “Obamacare” and the stonewalling of the Benghazi, AP and IRS scandals; a pattern begins to emerge. It seems to me this president is either deliberately trying to destroy our country (for reasons we can only speculate) or else is so incompetent that the result is the same.

Obama’s popularity seems to be holding (if the polls can be believed). Is this the result of the medias favorable treatment of this man’s leadership or are the people actually content with the growing disparity between classes; a dwindling middle class; a standard of living in decline; and a national debt so large it risks our solvency? I must admit I am baffled by it all.

Bill Payne

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