LETTER: Support Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

By Beacon Staff

Congressman Steve Daines, I would like to thank you for your support of the North Fork Watershed Protection Act. As a Flathead Valley resident, I am encouraged by your bipartisan support of a bill that protects wildlife and our outdoor oriented way of life. This shows me that you are committed to acting in the best interest of Montanans.

I am especially impressed by your willingness to work across party lines, which, as a young voter tired of political gridlock, I value greatly in elected leaders. I hope you will continue to show your support for our state and our way of life by joining Sen. Jon Tester to promote the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. The majority of Montanans are behind this bill, which is very meaningful considering the diverse uses of public lands across our state. It takes cooperation to make progress locally and nationally on a political level. I hope that you will show you are able to move forward in the political environment by joining with bipartisan forces to advocate for the best interests of your constituents.

I think you will recognize that FJRA allocates for every bit of what makes us a traditional western state – promoting timber, recreation, conservation and job creation – and that is a heritage we are proud to stand behind. Please show you will stand with us in support of the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

Allison Linville

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