Bree Completes Entire Pacific Crest Trail

By Beacon Staff

Yesterday around 10:30 a.m., Bree Fuqua strolled into British Columbia’s Manning Park, the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. A clump of historic monuments greeted her, including one that reminded how far she had traveled: more than 2,600 miles. Then out of the shaded forest, another exciting encounter emerged: her sister Jess and father Archie, all three together for the first time since Bree set off alone nearly four months ago.

It’s official. Bree has completed the entire PCT, hiking a total of 2,668 miles from the Mexican border to the southern mountains of B.C. She completed the rare feat in 110 days without taking a single day off since starting in early May. She became the second fastest female finisher on the PCT this year, according to the register at the border.

Along the way Bree overcame several obstacles and challenges, including a thief who stole key gear before the most arduous stretch and significant aches and pains. Even when it was all over, when she reached the final monument, she was stung by a bee.

Nothing could stop Bree or stifle her enthusiasm, though. She finished the trek two days faster than planned. On Friday, she was traveling back home to Kalispell with her family less than a week before school begins.

“I’m extremely thankful to have finished this quest I set out on 110 days ago,” she wrote on her blog. “I have been blessed, watched over and protected throughout the entire journey and I continue to thank God each day for keeping me safe and healthy.”

It was a longtime dream of Bree’s to hike the entire PCT, and despite long odds, she decided to attempt it. The 31-year-old special education and math teacher at Glacier High School hit the trail in early May and the Beacon has followed her journey north.

One of the final life lessons that she posted online explained her appreciation of everyone who supported her before and during the adventure.

“As I finished today I couldn’t help but think about all of the amazing people who I met, were blessed by along the way, or who helped me pull this trip off before I even started,” she wrote, adding, “I’m not sure what the lesson is her. I think it’s OK to be proud of accomplishments like this, but you can’t forget about all of the people behind the scenes that helped make it possible for me to chase after a big goal of mine. Thank you!”

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