Health and Wellness in Columbia Falls

By Beacon Staff

As the days get cooler and the tourists go home, I finally have a moment to look back on my first summer in Northwest Montana. The overall consensus, based on my own reflection and the comments of others I have spoken with, is that summer here is intense! I never knew you could do so many things in the Flathead Valley during such a short period of time. Whether you raft, hike, water ski, paddle board, bike, snow ski, fish, boat, climb, kayak, canoe, camp, sail, garden or run after the little ones, summertime is packed with fun activities. Not to mention, many of us work in the service industry and this is certainly our busy season. As a result, heading into the end of summer, I am feeling a bit exhausted and wondering what fall will bring. Fortunately there are many professionals in the area to offer health and wellness support during this transitional period. Here are a few of the gems I have found in my new home of Columbia Falls.

Since the variable summer schedule often means missing trips to the gym or favorite yoga classes, fall is a great time to create an exercise routine. Iron Fitness in Columbia Falls offers many great classes and a full gym if fitness is your priority. Try one of Niki Wolford’s replenishing yoga classes, good for the body and soul. Just because summer is fun and enjoyable doesn’t mean it is free of stress. This transitional autumn season is a great time to reflect on and resolve issues that may have been stirred up over the past few months. The counselors at Imagine Health are a wonderful resource if you need a little help processing or just beginning the next step in your life’s journey.

It’s certainly possible that the activities of summer, including extreme sports and rigorous schedules have contributed to injury. In my massage office, I have seen many people in the last couple of weeks with these concerns. While all too often we think pain is a part of being active, this does not have to be the case. A body work session is a great way to stimulate the release of pain and remedy injuries. Sometimes all we need to transition from pain to comfort is awareness of nonfunctional patterns, paired with new movements and increased mobility. Now is the time to take care of your body. Try a body work session with me, Catherine Whelan, at Imagine Health or any of the brilliant professionals at Rejuvenate.

Maybe you made it through summer injury free but still depleted. If this is your case, you deserve to indulge in a day of pampering at the Spa at Meadow Lake. A hidden gem within Meadow Lake Resort, the spa offers massage therapy, energy work, body treatments in their state of the art Vichy shower, and the most advanced and luxurious facials. Upon your arrival, you will find a passionate and well educated staff just waiting to guide you gently to a more relaxed state of being. Now that the crowds of summer are dying down, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of “locals” specials, including discount packages and punch cards for your return visits.

If you, like me, feel exhausted from the eventful and grueling schedule of summer and are in need of repose, make it a priority to visit some of these replenishing places and people in Columbia Falls.