Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Roving Tires

By Christie Burns

Tuesday 9/3/2013

10:30 a.m. A stray husky with a “yellow head” was captured on Three Mile Drive.

10:32 a.m. Another loose husky was stirring up trouble in a Martin City trailer park.

12:47 p.m. A Kalispell man found a bag of pot in his house.

1:20 p.m. A camper on the North Fork reported that someone stole his flashlight and sleeping bag out of his tent.

1:43 p.m. Reportedly, someone in Evergreen rolled a couple of tires down a hill into the highway, nailing a blue truck and narrowly missing another vehicle.

2:04 p.m. County inmates were caught constructing “toothpaste bombs.”

2:45 p.m. A local man reported that he had been pushed and shoved. When a deputy contacted him, he was too busy to talk.

2:52 p.m. A Bigfork woman reported that the neighbor kids frequently skateboard on her roof.

3:44 p.m. Someone spotted a dog on the side of the highway. A deputy found a black pillow.

7:31 p.m . Three burros and a miniature donkey were at large on Demersville Road.

8:30 p.m. A local man claimed that the mother of one of his children was stationed in the back of his truck, refusing to move.

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