LETTER: County Can Provide Competent Leadership

By Beacon Staff

I reside in the City of Whitefish, inside the doughnut, and I support Flathead County’s total control of the property immediately outside the city limits. Simply stated, my overreaching neighbors find fault with everyone except themselves. I find the doughnut war ridiculous, without merit for the city, and a waste of city resources.

I am confident the county is qualified to provide competent leadership, planning and administration to the doughnut properties. I urge the county’s leadership to stand up for the county’s citizens that have no say concerning the governance and control of their property. What the city seeks is total jurisdictional control without providing a voice for the property owner. In essence, the city desires to have the doughnut land serve as an unimproved buffer surrounding the city to protect the view shed for city residents.

State law already provides a means for extension of the city’s powers, which is annexation. If the city wishes to control the doughnut land then let them annex the same pursuant to state law.

I request that the county’s leadership oppose the recent request by the city for mediation. The city is only requesting such at this late hour because it fears the Supreme Court will rule against them. The doughnut war will never end until Whitefish’s zealots feel the sting of defeat. As a Whitefish resident, I believe a county’s victory will help to bring balance and good governance back to the city.

J. Robert Mobley

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