Fashionable Men of Fiction

By Beacon Staff

It’s easy to find fall fashion advice for women, but what about men? We don’t want them to feel left out.

Let’s turn to books and movies for inspiration. Gents, how do you want to look?

Swoonworthy. Take a cue from Mr. Darcy or Don Draper. Suits and brooding dark looks are hot.

Retro. Go back to the past with Marty McFly and layer on a plaid shirt, denim jacket and puffy vest. Hoverboard, DeLorean and crazy old sidekick not included.

Dangerously clever. A trench coat, pipe and deerstalker hat will get you halfway there. You’ll have to do the rest.

Carefree and comfortable. Throw on a bathrobe or a floppy sweater, and be as free as the Dude in “The Big Lebowski.”

Fearless, wise and corrupt. Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: tuxedo with a red rose and a scowl.

Rebellious and misunderstood. Jeans, white T-shirt, leather jacket with the collar turned up. Cigarette and motorcycle optional, as health and finances allow.

Swashbuckling. Black boots, a black mask and wide black sleeves will show off your sword fighting skills. Or try a fedora, leather jacket and bullwhip. Who doesn’t want to be Indiana Jones?

Ready for battle. Pile on the chain mail and leather, and grab your sword. But sorry, no helmet; real warriors let their hair fly free.

Of course, you could just go to a department store and buy some jeans and shirts. But where’s the fun in that?

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