Budget and Debt Ceiling

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

The first of October is a triple whammy for Congress and the nation.

Since the Democrats have refused to pass a budget for five years, a Continuing Resolution (CR) needs to be passed, Obamacare becomes operative, and the debt ceiling is going to be reached, necessitating either cuts in spending or a new borrowing limit. Any one of these is cause for serious discussion and reflection about the incredible debt and fiscal insolvency this nation is facing.

Financial author Howard Dayton accurately illustrates that America was a net lender nation through 1984, but since then has become a net debtor nation.

In Deuteronomy we are told that a country that is obedient will lend to many nations but borrow from none. But if a nation is disobedient, the aliens among them will rise higher and higher and will lend to them, but that nation will not lend back.

Recently, Obama stated that the raising of the debt limit did not mean that it would increase America’s debt.

If that was the case, then we wouldn’t be increasing the debt ceiling. Obama’s answer to the triple whammy is to borrow more.

Proverbs tell us that “the borrower is the servant of the lender.”

By Joe Carbonari

The reason that we are suffering under a dysfunctional federal government is that Republican congressional leadership has attempted to placate and co-opt its Tea Party faction instead of leading it.

Many Tea Party positions, such as the threatening of a government shutdown if Obamacare is not repealed, are irresponsible and detrimental to good government.

Tea Party conservatism, while often strongly felt and well-intentioned, tends to be ill-informed, short-sighted, and much too narrowly focused.

Traditional conservatives, who better understand and appreciate the complexities of the world, have for too long accepted, indeed often courted, Tea Party enthusiasm and votes despite the recklessness and irrationality that often accompanies them.

Yes, more temperate conservatives have been targeted, and some defeated, in their primaries, and they will continue to face intra-party opposition. That does not mean, however, that it is appropriate for them to fold, to be drawn into complicity.

Ultimately, we need a budget developed, and a country governed, out of spirited, but respectful, debate and compromise.

True conservatives, it is time for you to speak up and to speak out.

Please, restore our working two-party system. Our future depends on it.

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