For the Love of Fear

By Beacon Staff

I usually avoid horror movies and books. But this month, with the release of a new “Carrie” movie, I decided to test myself.

First I started reading Stephen King’s novel, published in 1974. As soon as I finish the book, I’ll watch the 1976 movie starring Sissy Spacek. Check back next week for my impressions.

I know a lot of people read or watch horror to feel the thrill of fear in a controlled way, like riding a roller coaster. I don’t enjoy that feeling. I like suspense, but not when there are killers leaping out of doorways with axes and chainsaws.

Even “The Wizard of Oz” gave me nightmares as a kid. I still remember that dream. It was dark, but I knew the witch was following me through the woods and I could see the glow of her red eyes between the trees. How can you expect me to be a fan of horror after such trauma?

Just a few years ago, I had trouble sleeping after seeing “I Am Legend.” The whole movie theater was amped on adrenaline and every zombie attack made my heart race. That night when I closed my eyes, all I could see was the super-muscular zombies leaping to devour me.

My imagination is vivid enough without added excitement.

And yes, I realize that “Carrie” doesn’t have chainsaws or zombies, but I already know it has a fair amount of blood and death. So I’m bracing myself for strange dreams.

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