LETTER: Obama’s True Agenda Becomes More Clear

By Beacon Staff

Now in the second week of the “shutdown,” I believe that the true agenda of the Obama administration and his extremist cronies in the congressional Democratic leadership (Reid, Pelosi, Schumer) has never been more clear. They insist on maintaining their “no negotiation” stance despite efforts by conservatives to fund for mandatory items. We’ve seen the House of Representatives conservatives do what they were elected to do (protect the people from tyrannical leaders), and watched while the Senate leadership refused to bring most of those items to the floor. That is, until the Democrats’ recalcitrance became so blatant and unmistakable that they came to believe that their president, and themselves, might actually be blamed.

Veterans benefits, such as death benefits for survivors, are only one prime example of this idiocy – of course, Obama will now likely act before he has to confront the legislation passed by the House in hopes that he will look good and compassionate. To anyone who has been paying attention, though, that particular train has left the station!

But the president is happy to accommodate his friends in big business, his big financial donors and the unions (witness “exemptions” to Obamacare and the fiasco of closing the National Mall to the public but making sure that it was opened so that SEIU, the illegal immigrant community, and assorted Democratic leaders could use it as a platform for their “demanding” that we give them all the benefits of legal U.S. citizenship).

It’s past way past time for this president to begin acting like a world leader instead of a neighborhood “organizer” and a political ward-heeling hack.

Bob Hanson