LETTER: Time to Vote Libertarian

By Beacon Staff

The Democrats need to smell the coffee and change their idiosyncratic philosophy to make it more friendly to the free market and less hostile to it. Since President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democratic Party has never missed a chance to turn this county from a nation of laws into an administrative state not unlike the socialist U.K. Since the Democratic Party has no intention of changing its ways, it will be surpassed by even more radical parties (on the left) in the near future. The GOP is basically finished as a political party as it has been playing the “me too!” game for as long as anyone can remember. What are we left with? The Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party has elected people to office who proceeded to do exactly what they said they would do: Reduce the bloat and practice good government.

I am calling on all Montana voters to rethink their choice at the ballot box. I know most GOP voters are fed up with their own party and the Democrats are quietly defecting from President Barack Obama in ever increasing numbers. I say to those voters: Go Libertarian. We are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, basically a traditional classical Liberal Party. Real change starts with each person saying “I am not going to be taken advantage of anymore” and they leave the liars in the lurch. Remember that “voting with the herd” always results in more mediocrity and ends in nothing good.

David Turnwell