LETTER: Democracy’s Inherent Weakness

By Beacon Staff

Although a democracy is the most equitable form of government ever devised, it has an inherent weakness that makes it vulnerable and short lived. This weakness is the realization by voters that they can give themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. This flaw in the design of a democracy results in its being temporary in nature (typically lasting only 200 years on average). It seems to me this inherent flaw could be corrected by the single expedient of allowing only those not receiving welfare from the government the right to vote. This should effectively stop the practice of the majority voting for candidates for public office whose chief criteria is the promise of more welfare benefits.

Congress is presently considering the granting of amnesty and citizenship to as many as 20 million illegal immigrants. If this happens, our nation will soon follow the example of other democracies in history that flourished briefly then collapsed. We are already well on the way to a socialist state. Adding millions more to the welfare rolls would finish the job and create a path that is virtually irrevocable. An examination of the last presidential election revealed that the territory won by Mitt Romney was primarily peopled by taxpaying citizens while the territory won by President Barack Obama was comprised chiefly of low income citizens living off the various forms of government welfare.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that Obama would welcome a world where national borders are eliminated and the world’s people ruled by a central government. Although light on credentials, but heavy on ego, I believe it’s safe to assume Obama would recommend himself to be the leader of such a government.

Bill Payne

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