LETTER: Religion Not to Blame

By Beacon Staff

Here we go again. Religion being blamed for something it had nothing to do with. First Dr. Cahill on TV news blamed “religious terrorist” for destroying her clinic, then Ms. Strong in a letter to the Flathead Beacon, even after it was proven the person who broke in and did the damage was not religious. I especially enjoy the way non-religious people love to quote Bible verses when they clearly don’t have a clue the context of those verses. It’s all about an attempt to control “religious” people by using their Holy Book. Christians do no harm. If anyone claims to be a Christian and does harm, they are a liar.

The people who are out praying in front of that clinic are simply doing that. Praying for the unborn who are about to have their life’s ripped away from them. This is not a war on women, it’s standing up for the most innocent of all human beings. Ms. Strong quoted the “golden rule.” I have to wonder what a fetus did to deserve death. If there is any shame to be passed around, it clearly has to be on the people who practice unprotected sex. Not only does this put them in danger of getting all kinds of diseases, it also places a potential person in danger of being aborted. If Ms. Strong is so “embarrassed to live in” this area, move to some place that happily welcomes the abortion of innocent fetus’s. I hear California is a nice place.

Francis Johnson

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