LETTER: Keep Dark Money Out of Politics

By Beacon Staff

When Congressman Steve Daines voted to shutdown the government and voted to privatize Social Security and Medicare, I wondered who he was working for because it’s definitely not Montanans.

Then I got my answer from a news story I read.

Daines has accepted dark money from outside groups, funded by billionaires to bankroll his campaign. One billionaire from New York gave more than $200,000 to n Daines. He also took money from Citizens United, the organization that believes corporations are people. Last fall Montanans voted overwhelmingly to provide transparency in our elections. We need someone in Washington who will take that message to Congress, not rely on these groups to get re-elected. Montanans may not have the money to pay for these expensive ads, but we’re the ones who the elected officials are supposed to represent. If Daines won’t tell the dark money groups to stay out of Montana, we need to elect someone who will.

Nathan Kosted

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