Rand Paul for President?

By Beacon Staff
By Joe Carbonari

Rand Paul has appeal. He has energy, a flair for the dramatic, ambition, and name recognition. While occasionally seeming disarmingly foolish, he does not seem to be an actual fool, or a clone of his father, Ron Paul. Rand appears to be both smoother and more charismatic.

Rand Paul is not afraid of upsetting apple carts, though whether more for general attention or for direct results has not always been clear. His attacks on Bill Clinton, however, suggest there is more than just a bit of shrewdness to his actions. Bill’s “indiscretions” play well with Paul’s base, and conflating the two Clintons may work against Hillary later while helping Paul now, pre-primary.

Cumulatively, my concern with Paul as a prospective president stems from his seeming lack of perspective. His international policy appears to be more simply isolationist than truly informed, and his small government predilection a real threat to our social safety net.

On the other hand, at times, I find Rand Paul both refreshing and entertaining. As a 2016 presidential candidate, however, he concerns me. I don’t believe that he has the gravitas for the job, neither the temperament nor the vision. I see his role more as a guardian of our liberty than as a guide for it. Perhaps the primary race will sufficiently season him; perhaps not.

By Tim Baldwin

Rand Paul offers a fresh and exciting presidential opportunity for many, especially those who are upset with Republican leadership. Paul believes in Federalism, not entangling America in needless and endless wars, and reviving our economy by improving the middle class.

Paul demonstrates his loyalty to the Bill of Rights by standing against and suing the National Security Agency for its warrantless spying on Americans. He argues for complete civil rights restoration for all people who have successfully served their criminal penalties. He believes that the issue of marriage is not the federal government’s concern and should be determined by individual states.

Paul notably supports the states applying for an amendment convention under Article V, U.S.C. for the purpose of amending the Constitution. Particularly, he supports term limits (37 States impose term limits on State officials) and a balanced budget (49 States impose a balanced budget). Paul believes the federal government should be constitutionally bound in the same manner that the states are, and he knows the states have the capability of requiring this in the Constitution.

Paul appeals to Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians alike, which is exactly what America needs in 2016 to move federal politics in a positive direction for states and people.

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