LETTER: Campaign Litter

By Beacon Staff

It is sad to see that campaign signs have again started to litter our roadsides. The campaign rules state that campaign signs cannot be displayed in zoned areas more than 30 days before the mailing of absentee ballots for any election. Therefore, campaign signs should not appear in zoned areas before May 5 for the upcoming primary. There are no regulations or guidelines for un-zoned areas of the county. We who live in the county have to suffer the campaign litter endlessly in many cases. Ryan Zinke’s campaign signs appeared on our county roadsides about the middle of March, and who knows when they will be removed.

Residents of Flathead County brag about our beautiful scenery. Needless to say, the campaign signs do not enhance the scenery. We need enforceable campaign sign regulations that apply to both zoned and un-zoned areas and do not discriminate against those of us who live in the county and drive the highways in and out of our towns many times weekly.

Judy Elwood

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