Eat Mud and Keep Going

By Beacon Staff

If you’re participating in this weekend’s Spartan Race, it’s probably too late to train any more. Your body is as ready as it’s going to be.

But don’t let that thought get you down. Get your mind in shape instead.

Write encouraging notes for yourself. Leave them in your car, on your bathroom mirror or inside your running shoes. Possibilities include “You’re a beast!” and “Eat mud and keep going.”

Listen to the right music. Listen to whatever makes you feel pumped or totally Zen. This is the perfect time to indulge in the guilty pleasures you wouldn’t usually admit to enjoying. Bruno Mars? Ke$ha? Rush? Chicago? One Direction? No judgment here.

Envision yourself triumphing. Watch YouTube videos of other Spartan races to see how it’s done. Search for “Spartan Race first person.” Picture yourself climbing, crawling and leaping like a mud-clad superhero.

Read up. “Warrior: A Visual History of the Fighting Man” by R.G. Grant will inspire you with tales of everything from cape-wearing Aztecs to spear-wielding Zulus.

Practice kickassery in all things. Answer questions with the attitude of a warrior. Treat every interaction like a battle. At home: “I will destroy that laundry!” At work: “That project will be begging for mercy!” Never give in.*

Get in the mood for pain. Rest up, move as little as possible and eat junk food, so the race-day burn will be that much more intense. Or if you’d rather pre-punish yourself, do a thousand burpees.

*Results may vary.

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