LETTER: Fisher a Trusted Friend of Law Enforcement

By Beacon Staff

As the widow of Montana Highway Patrolman Michael Haynes, I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

As a widow with two young children, I experienced firsthand the support Tammi Fisher has given and made available to all members of the Patrol. Tammi has been with us as a prosecutor, and as an advocate. For years, Tammi has done pro bono work for members of law enforcement and maintains an open door policy at her law firm for any member of law enforcement that is in need of legal aid. Tammi Fisher has stood by the men and women of law enforcement and her loyalty has never wavered. For me personally, she was a light during a very dark time. She counseled me and helped me make decisions that would ensure that while my children no longer had a father, they would have a future. She has stood by us when there was absolutely nothing in it for her. Why? Because Tammi is committed to public safety and supporting the men and women in law enforcement who put their boots on in the morning not knowing who will be taking them off at night. Actions speak louder than words. Tammi Fisher is a proven, trusted friend of law enforcement and she absolutely has my vote.

Vote Tammi Fisher for State Senate District 4

Tawny Haynes Norton

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