LETTER: You Cannot Go Wrong with Blasdel

By Beacon Staff

I served in the Montana House for three terms with Mark. During that period of time, I came to know him as a very committed, loyal and dedicated person to the people and state of Montana. He served on and chaired a number of committees that had a significant monetary impact on the Treasure State’s households. Mark always used conservative logic and commonsense when voting on bills that would have a lasting effect on the state’s economy. During the past session, as speaker of the House, he navigated the House through some very difficult and controversial legislation. For most legislators being in the position of speaker is on-the-job training, but for Mark it was a natural progression. He’s a successful small business owner who hires, manages and trains people. He knows the importance of jobs, finance and family.

Here’s a man that runs a business, has a wonderful family and is truly a citizen legislator. He thoroughly understands the legislative system and knows what it takes to get the best conservative results. As I said, you can’t go wrong with Blasdel for SD 4.

Bill Beck, former HD 6 representative