FWP Still Searching for Otters that Attacked Boy

The boy received multiple bite wounds to his legs while swimming at Lake of the Woods

By Beacon Staff

Wildlife officers are still investigating an attack by two adult otters on a boy who was swimming Aug. 4 at Lake of the Woods east of Kalispell.

According to FWP Investigator Brian Sommers, the boy received multiple bite wounds to his legs. Sommers said the boy was treated and released yesterday at St. Luke Clinic in Polson.

FWP personnel searched the site of the attack but did not locate the otters. FWP will continue to monitor the situation. FWP spoke with residents on the lake informing them of the attack, according to spokesperson John Fraley.

“Otters have occasionally been aggressive. Recreationists should use caution around these aquatic members of the weasel family,” Fraley stated.

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services recommends seeking medical attention and contacting your local public health department if bitten by any animal.