Following Injury, Hiker Fires Gun in Glacier Park to Attract Attention

Father and son were hiking down from Mount Siyeh when they dislodged a boulder

By Justin Franz

An injured hiker fired a gun into the air in Glacier National Park to attract help over the weekend in the second report of someone discharging a firearm in the park in as many weeks. While it is legal to have a gun inside the national park, it is illegal to fire it.

According to spokesperson Sarah Grieb, a father and son were hiking down from Mount Siyeh on the afternoon of Aug. 9 when one of them dislodged a boulder that rolled  toward another hiker. In an effort to get out of the way, the hiker fell and was injured, receiving cuts to his head and neck, among other injuries.

In order to attract attention, one of the men fired a gun into the air at least once, according to Grieb. The group then continued to hike to the trailhead and met park officials about halfway. The injured hike was transported to Apgar where he was put in an ambulance.

Grieb said the incident is under investigation.

On July 26, a hiker fired a gun at a bear on Mount Brown after the animal reportedly charged him and his bear spray proved ineffective.

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