Disregard Party Politics When Casting Your Vote

A key vision of our founding fathers was that voters would consider the person over the party when electing our leaders

By Stacey Schnebel

I have no use for party politics. For me, local politics is about the people – not parties. At the end of the day, Flathead County citizens have more things in common than they have differences. And one thing we all have in common is a daily disconnect from each other, and from our local government.

In the upcoming election, you have the opportunity to choose a commissioner who is dedicated to closing that gap and working for you. I believe our communities are bolstered by an efficiently operating, forward thinking and interactive local government. In the role of county commissioner, my mission is to maintain and improve quality services and amenities while being a fiscally responsible steward of our tax dollars, and to ensure that our government is truly working for the people.

I believe the services our tax dollars provide for are as important as the dollars themselves. A county government that fulfills its purpose under the Montana Constitution and state law works to protect our health, safety and well­being. An efficient and accountable local government makes it possible for us to live in a civilized society, providing key services that we all use and enjoy every day.

I don’t seek the office of commissioner with an “agenda” of my own. In fact, I think it is wrong to pursue a seat in the commission with the goal of imposing one’s own beliefs and values on the people you represent. People who know me attest that I am an intelligent, diligent, honest and fair person and a team player. You will be hard pressed to find someone who has not enjoyed working with me, who thinks I have not done my homework, or who doesn’t trust me.

The people of Flathead County deserve a commissioner they can trust with the business of their local government. Measurable words like accountability, transparency, responsiveness – they all entered politics because we have lost the simple, basic, gut feeling of trust in the people who run our government.

A key vision of our founding fathers was that voters would consider the person over the party when electing our leaders. If Flathead County elects me, know that you will be fairly represented. You can trust me to do good work for the people. I urge you to disregard party politics when you cast your vote for county commissioner. A win for Stacey Schnebel for Commissioner in November will be a victory for Flathead County for six years to come.

 Stacey Schnebel, Coram
Democrat candidate for Flathead County commissioner

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