Library Myth-Busters

Nobody uses the library anymore, right? Wrong-o! Every day hundreds of people visit the library

By April Vomfell

Libraries are boring, too quiet and full of mean people wearing cardigans? I’m here to bust up all those old myths.

Cardigans. This one is real. Libraries are often in large, old buildings with uncertain temperatures. A cardigan makes good sense. Librarians who are extra-cold can follow the example of Amy from “The Big Bang Theory,” who says, “What’s under my cardigan? Another cardigan.”

Shh. These days it’s OK not to whisper. The funny thing is that most shushing happens from one library user to another. And not necessarily following generational lines; a 2-year-old is just as likely to shush as an 82-year-old.

Reading all the books. Library workers don’t get to read all the books. Alas! When we’re not helping people find ideas and information, we’re ordering new books and media, planning and hosting programs for kids and teens and adults, managing technology and budgets and schedules, and doing high-level planning and administrative work. Oh yeah, and handling the boatloads of items that flow in and out of the library all day, every day.

Boorrrring. Nobody uses the library anymore, right? Wrong-o! Every day hundreds of people visit the library. Kids play and make noise, anyone can bring snacks, and you can check out things like “Badass Lego Guns” and “Grow Your Own Drugs.”

Glasses. About 60 percent of people wear glasses. So the chance that a librarian will wear glasses? Hmm…about 60 percent.

For more library wardrobe myth-busting, check out librarianwardrobe.com, where it’s “not always buns and sensible shoes.” Although we do enjoy our sensible shoes.

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